Best Shoes for Hip Hop Dance in 2024 (Ultimate Buying Guide)

Getting down in the best shoes for hip hop dance is a game changer, regardless of whether you are a professional dancer or an amateur. Although selecting the right hip hop shoes might not be as complex as some think, I can promise you that there is more to it than you know.

In this article, I will review some of the best shoes for hip hop dance, with key features to consider when getting them and guides on buying them.

Types of Hip Hop Dance Shoes

There are two major types of hip hop dance shoes for both men and women, and these are:

  1. Split Sole
  2. Full Sole

Of course, there are a lot of shoes out there that you can use for dancing hip hop (Zumba shoes, for example). However, you must know the advantages and disadvantages of using just random shoes for hip hop dancing. Unlike some of the dances we have today, hip hop dance requires lots of jumping, stomping and rigorous movements. Using just random shoes for this kind of activity can cause critical injury.

Split Sole

Split sole shoes are highly recommended for hip hop dance because of their benefits. When you dance in split sole shoes, you get more flexibility, arch support, and a shock-absorbing feature that is rare in most shoes used for dancing these days.

Apart from being the ideal hip hop dancing shoes to go to any time, the split sole sneakers are popular due to the kind of support they offer. This makes them preferable for dance teachers and professional dancers known worldwide.

Capezio Rockit Split Sole Hip Hop Shoes
                       Capezio Rockit Split Sole Dance Shoes


Full Sole

Full sole shoes, on the other hand, cover a variety of street and athletic shoes. The advantage of using full sole shoes for hip hop dancing is quite unlimited. However, not just any type of street or athletic shoe is convenient for dancing. You will end up having a lot of disadvantages than advantages if you choose the wrong full sole shoes.

Full sole dancing shoes usually come with a flexible feel and lightweight construction. They also have good memory foam or well-cushioned footbeds with good arch support. They are constructed in a way to allow you to have a smooth spin and general movement with no restrictions at all.

Reebok Hi 2 Full Sole Hip Hop Sneakers
                      Reebok Hi 2 Full Sole Dance Sneakers


The significant difference between split sole shoes and full sole shoes is that you get unlimited usability with the full sole shoes than you get with the split sole shoes. This is because most shoes with split soles are not stylish at all compared to full sole shoes that are made to have a street look, making them less popular for hip hop dancers who are after a more authentic style. Nevertheless, selecting one that is convenient for you is a choice you will make personally. This is just to guide you!

Key Characteristics of Best Shoes for Hip Hop Dance

As I mentioned earlier, choosing the best shoes for hip hop dance might not seem complex. However, there are important characteristics to consider when selecting them:

  1. Arch Support
  2. Flexibility 
  3. Sole Type
  4. Cushioned Insole 
  5. Ankle Support 

1. Hip Hop Dance Shoes Need Good Arch Support 

Hip hop dance shoes should have good arch support. Knowing that hip hop dancing requires the use of force to some extent, it is only appropriate and healthy that you get shoes with standard arch curves to offer you the support you need.

Shoes with good arch support will help distribute the pressure on your feet when you dance. This will counter your chances of getting pronation problems and foot injury while dancing.

Santiro Breathable Lightweight Hip Hop Shoes


2. Hip Hop Dance Shoes Need to Be Flexible 

The flexibility of your shoe is something you should put into serious consideration, especially when getting a pair of new dance shoes. Remember, dancing requires you to move freely for you to be able to execute your moves well.

You wouldn’t want any restrictions when you move, which is where flexibility plays an important role. And this is another characteristic you should ensure your hip hop dance shoes have.

3. Hip Hop Dance Shoes Need Good Soles

The sole of the hip hop dance shoe you wear is also a good determinant of whether you will have a good experience while dancing or not, which is why you must get a hip hop dance shoe with good soles.

Leather soles or suede are the best when it comes to recommended soles your hip hop dance shoes should have. This is because leather or suede soles allow you to have easy pivoting due to their nature of being smooth and flexible.

Hip hop shoes with rubber soles are not the best options nowadays for hip hop dancing. They are durable and equally flexible, but they get sticky on some floors when you dance, affecting your dance move execution.

Reebok Classic Harman Sneakers for Hip Hop


4. Hip Hop Dance Shoes Should Have Well-Cushioned Insoles

One of the most important characteristics to pay attention to when selecting a hip hop dance shoe is the cushioning within the shoe. Hip hop dancing requires you to do a lot of pivoting and impactful movements. It would be best if you were sure your shoe is built and equipped with the right materials to take on the pressure you let out in order not to get cramps while dancing.

5. Hip Hop Shoes Need Good Ankle Support 

If you plan on getting yourself good and protective hip hop dance shoes, then the best choice should be one with ankle support since dancing requires a lot of rigorous movement. Getting a shoe with padded ankle support is only wise and an excellent investment health-wise.

Hip hop dance shoes with good ankle support will make dancing much more fun since you have nothing to worry about. You have all-around protection.

Yageyan Lace up Casual Classic Hip Hop Shoes


Other Elements to Think About

While the characteristics mentioned above are what should be your guide when selecting the best hip hop dance shoes, these other elements should not be left out of your thought.


Getting stylish shoes is important to some dancers, while some do not care about that. Having a blend of outfits, from top to bottom, is all it takes to sometimes make good impressions on people who watch you dance.

Although style does not determine the best dance shoes for hip hop, putting the style of your shoes into consideration is also part of being a good hip hop dancer. 

Size and Fitting 

This is one of the most essential features to consider when getting hip hop dance shoes. You need a shoe that will fit you just fine, not too tight and not too loose.

Getting an overly loose hip hop dance shoe means you risk the possibility of having your shoes pulled off when you dance. And also, getting shoes too tight means you risk the chance of having cramps and injuries when you dance.

The best way to avoid this is to get a fair-fitting shoe that is not too tight nor too loose.


The best hip hop dance shoe needs to be breathable. Breathable material is incredibly important and can really determine whether or not you will have a great dance experience.

It is recommended to get shoes that are made with durable and breathable materials. This will allow good ventilation, which will ensure great comfort.

The Best Shoes for Hip Hop Dance Reviewed in 2024

Bloch Women’s Split Sole Dance Shoes

Bloch Women's Split Sole Dance Shoe


The Bloch Women’s Split Sole Dance Shoes are one of the best black hip hop shoes out there. It has good arch support and offers just the right amount of support dancing shoes should offer, especially hip hop dancers.

These shoes are practical pairs of hip hop shoes. They are breathable and highly stable. Moreover, they come with an incredible sleek design. The Bloch Women’s Split Sole Dance Shoes provide the dancer with great and unlimited functionality.

Pros – Split sole, great stability. 

Cons – Has a narrow fit. Getting a regular size may end up being too narrow on your feet.

DIYJTS Unisex Shoes

DIYJTS Unisex Shoes


For dancers who love to give the street something to talk about, the DIYJTS Unisex Shoes are probably the best hip hop dance shoes that will not only make you the topic of discussion but also give you great comfort while enhancing your performance as you dance.

These shoes are made with PU Leather, cotton and a mesh upper. You can see how shiny it looks, and the sole is customized with LED light to make you look cool and exceptional even in the dark.

Pros – Durable leather upper and non-slip outsole.

Cons – Lights might be too flashy and extra for some dancers.

Wanhee Athletic Sneakers

Wanhee Athletic Sneakers


The Wanhee Athletic Sneakers are also among the best black hip hop dance shoes on the market today, and this particular shoe’s design is spectacular. These are made for beginner dancers. Hip hop is vast and requires gradual growth with constant practice and implementation. 

These hip hop sneakers are built to offer you the stability and support you will need to make it through the beginner level as a hip hop dancer. The sole design makes this even recommendable for professional dancers who just want to keep things light and simple.

Pros – Multifunctional.

Cons – Lacks heel support.

ZGR Men’s Classic Shoes

ZGR Men’s Classic Shoes


Not forgetting the fact that one of the best shoes for hip hop dancing are high tops. This is because they offer you an all-around kind of support and protection. Since hip hop dancing requires you to do more of jumping, stomping and lots of pivoting, getting a pair of shoes that will protect your ankle from any twist is a wise thing which is where the ZGR Men’s Classic Shoes comes in. They are breathable, functional and, most importantly, one of the best black hip hop shoes. 

Pros – Extremely versatile.

Cons – Ankle is not padded.

British Knights Metros Sneakers

British Knights Metros Sneakers


Last but not least on my list is the British Knights Metros Sneakers, a complete combination of the street and casual. This is your best chance at standing out and looking exceptional with little to no effort.

Speaking about features, these hip hop shoes are lightweight, well-cushioned and have a breathable lining with a retro molded lacing system.

Pros – Synthetic leather upper and synthetic rubber outsole.

Cons – None.


How Durable are Hip Hop Shoes?

Hip hop dance shoes are generally strong and durable. This is because they are constructed to withstand rigorous activities. Noting the fact that hip hop dancing deals a lot more with heavy moves, their construction enables them to take on whatever pressure your dance moves let out, making them highly durable.

Are Hip Hop Shoes Good for Casual Wear?

Yes, hip hop shoes can be used to match casual wear. The art behind hip hop shoes gives them a wide area of functionality. Hip hop dance shoes like the Yageyan Lace-up Casual Classic can be used to complete casual, street and any other looks you can think of! You should consider getting these in your wardrobe to be ready to go at any time!

Are Hip Hop Shoes Expensive?

No, they are not expensive. With as low as $60, you can get yourself a pair of nice hip hop dance shoes. However, just like regular shoes, you will come across those that are pretty expensive. It will all fall back to the weight of your pockets.

Why are Split Soles More Recommended for Hip Hop than Full Soles?

By now, I am sure you must be wondering why split sole shoes are the most recommended when it comes to hip hop dance shoes. This is because split sole shoes offer a rare kind of balance, and some full sole shoes do not! Split sole shoes also come with a lot of arch support and ankle support; these are features that can be missing in some full sole shoes but are always present in split sole shoes.

Final Words

After going through this guide, choosing the best shoes should not be complex anymore since you now know what to look for when selecting the best dance shoes for hip hop. From flexibility to durability and support, all these are what you should consider when getting yourself a pair of dancing shoes.

We hope this guide gives you the insight you need to make the right choice in selecting the most suitable hip hop dance shoes for yourself, regardless of the price tag.


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