Best Jazz Shoes: Your must read guide before you buy!

Jazz shoes are one of the most common types of dance shoes.  However, with so many options to pick from, the choice can be overwhelming. In this guide, dance expert Susan Swanson points out the top four characteristics to look for in a Jazz shoe.  Whether you do jazz and hip-hop or rock’n’roll and dance aerobics, after reading this article you should be confident that your jazz shoes are assisting you to be the best dancer you can be.

best jazz shoes
The Block Super Jazz shoe are one of the most popular on the market and at only $40, one of the most affordable too! Click on the image to learn more.

Without further ado, here are the four characteristics to consider when buying a pair of jazz shoes

1. Jazz shoes should made from breathable materials

Let’s face it, when you’re dancing you get hot. So, choosing a shoe made from a breathable material is a must.  The top option is a durable leather. It’s breathable, long lasting and gives that “glove” fit after broken in becoming soft and form fitting.  There are many  Jazz shoes available in leather, including the dance boots and some slip on dance shoes.

For those looking for something  inexpensive, canvas Jazz shoes are another great option. Canvas is a breathable fabric, so it will keep you cool.  Also look for shoes with breathable mesh panels, which are a common feature in Jazz shoes and serve to ventilate the foot during an intense dance session.

These Capezio’s are easy to find on sites such as Amazon and are extremely affordable. Notice the elastic/lycra mesh side panels that give these shoes a added breathable feature.


2.  Choose a sole that meets our specific needs and experience level

The sole of most Jazz shoes are made from rubber.  Rubber soles are sturdy, durable and comfortable during the spins, piroettes & jumps that are part of many jazz routines.

Beginners should generally stick with a flat or small heel rubber sole. In these shoes, the traction is evenly distributed throughout the sole.   More advanced dancers may consider a split-sole version that offers more flexibilty for the dancers foot.   Split sole shoes have  front and rear panels, but no sole in the middle of the foot. The two panels often are rough bottomed to give that needed grip to stay steady on the dance floor. Split soles are advantageous for the spins and high kicks of the more common dance steps such as when doing your battements as having that grip bottom helps steady your steps as you execute the steps and steadies your step as you prepare and execute your high steps.   These Bloch Split Sole trainers below have split soles. Notice that the front and bottom parts of the shoe touch the ground, but the middle does not.

Dancing takes a toll on your feet. It’s therefore essential that your Jazz shoes have an optimal fit in order to maximize your comfort.  One important aspect to consider is whether the shoe material will stretch.  For example, canvas generally does not stretch.  Therefore any fit you feel at the time of purchase will stay there throughout the life of the shoe.  On the other hand, be mindful that leather does stretch.  This means you may want to pick a leather shoe that is on the snug side, as after some use it will stretch and become looser. Another option is to choose a shoe with elastic gore.  Elastic gore refers to stretch panels inserted into the sides of the shoe that allows it to stretch according to your foot.  This slip-on Sansha found at,  shown below, has stretch panels for an optimal fit.

best jazz shoes
The Sansha Moderno Leather Slip-On consistently gets high reviews from Jazz dancers. Click here to learn more.

4. Choose a Jazz shoe that looks good!

While your foremost consideration should be on choosing a jazz shoe that is breathable, has an appropriate sole and fits well, you also want to look good in the process!

There are various designs and colors in Jazz shoe styles to keep you looking stylish and to fit your personality.  There are low rise, one of the most common.  These shoes can have buckles, resemble a Mary Jane or tap type of shoe.  There are high rise choose too that are more supportive to the tiring ankles.  Some of these do sport buckles or straps too.  Although black and tan are the most common colors, there are others too choose from as well or sometimes just a splash of color here and there. Even if you prefer the more recognized simple styles, you can find some options there too, such as this sleek version from Bloch found at


Check out the Bloch Neo Flex Slip-On by clicking on the image.

Now that you know what to look for when purchasing Jazz shoe, here is our list of the top 5 Jazz shoe brands:

1.  Capezio Jazz shoes

 If you want a brand that is has a reputation in the dance world, Capezio is it.  They makes dance shoes for many styles of dance, including ballet, tap, jazz along with dancer wear such as leotards, tights and other dance related accessories.  They are one of the top dependable and hugely popular brands for many, many years.  You can not go wrong with any of the Capezio Jazz shoe options.   There are a number of options for Jazz shoe styles, whether lace-up, slip-on, high-top etc, and Capezio also have some cute buckle versions, such as this version in light tan. One of the best value and most popular are the Carpezio Economy Jazz Slip On, which you can on Amazon  here.

Checkout Zappos’ great range of Carpezio Jazz shoes by clicking here!

2.  Bloch  Jazz shoes 

If you want edgy, up to-date style shoes and more variety of colors, Block is what you’re looking for.  This brand is well known and very popular within the hip hop based jazz scene. Also, some of Bloch styles can be used for boys and men, a group that unfortunately still does not have as many options as the girls and women.  Bloch jazz shoes come in many  popular styles, including the split-sole, lace-up and high top over the ankle versions. These Bloch jazz shoes for men are made of supple leather  for a snug ballet fit, along with laces for a secure feeling.


Click to hear to shop of Bloch jazz shoes


Bloch’s dance sneakers are also very popular for Jazz, and they come in a great range of styles & colors, are made of durable canvas material and are still very affordable. Check them out here.

Check out these great Bloch Jazz sneakers by clicking on the image.


Check out Bloch’s Neo-Flex, a great beginner unisex Jazz shoe for boys and girls alike.

Click on the image to check out the Bloch Neo Flex on Amazon

 Sansha Jazz shoes

Sansha’s  makes great over-the-ankle-top boots, some with buckles or straps.  They carry both suede and canvas dance sneaker’s that are  incredibly light and flexible. Features include  lace-up front’s, turn spot on sole, split-soles, and some with  shock absorbers in the heel of the shoe  and an inner padded sole and toe area  for additional comfort.  Sansha makes both low and high profile Jazz shoes. Their styles have fantastic bright colors , but they do make more traditional, black, tan or  white colors in their Jazz dance boot and Jazz sneakers. You can check their various models out here.

best shoes for jazz
The Sansha Soho Lace-Up Jazz Shoe is a crowd favorite! Check the out by clicking here.

4. Saucony Jazz shoes

Our fourth choice for a great Jazz dance sneaker is Saucony:  This lace-up is stylish and is super comfortable. Available in a wide range of cool colors, the Jazz Lo Pro is very light weight. It also features inside padding in the tongue, heal and arch area adding to more shock absorption.  This shoe is just so comfortable and stylish it can be worn for a variety of other activities too. Check out the great range of Saucony Jazz Shoes, here.

saucony jazz shoes
These Saucony Originals Jazz Low Pro have five stars on Zappos are are by far, one of the most popular on the market. Click on the image to learn more.

Next question you may ask is where to purchase your new Jazz shoes?

There are many options for purchasing Jazz shoes online.  Zappos is a favorite for their famous customer service, including free returns! For discount Jazz shoes, consider, which has jazz shoes starting from as little as 26.99. Amazon and ebay are also great places to find quality and inexpensive jazz shoes.  For example, have a look at these great pair of tan Capezio lace ups from Amazon for only 19.40!

tan jazz shoes


Just remember to take your time and find a shoe that is breathable, has a sole that is both durable & flexible,  fits correctly,  and also looks good!  Then get out there and enjoy your spins, leaps, pirouettes, all the while dancing yourself into a physically, mentally and healthier you!