Best Latin Dance Shoes – We Review the Top 5!

Latin dance shoes are an important addition to any ballroom dancer’s wardrobe. In this article we examine what makes a good Latin dance shoe, and give our picks for the best Latin dance shoes for 2020.

Latin dance shoes are designed specifically for dancing Latin ballroom dances such as the tango, samba or rhumba. If you’re a ballroom dancer only looking to buy one pair of dancing shoes, then a Latin shoe is your best choice. While all styles of ballroom dance can be performed in Latin shoes, standard ballroom dance shoes are unsuitable for Latin styles.

Latin Dance Shoes For Men

Latin dance shoes for men are typically a black leather oxford lace-up, or a leather slip on shoe with a heel. Men’s Latin ballroom shoes generally have higher heels than a standard ballroom dance shoe, at around 1.5 to 2.5 inches, often called a Cuban heel.

Carpezio Men's Latin Social Dance Oxford
These Capezio latin dance shoes are a good example of a men’s oxford. Click on the image to learn more.

The higher heel helps to position your weight toward the balls of the feet, perfect for executing the typical back and forth steps involved in Latin dances.

Men dancing traditional Argentine tango or a salsa, will often wear shoes fitted with harder heels with a rubber stopper “handbrake” to aid the stop short embellishments of the dances.

Latin Dance Shoes for Women

Unlike a standard ballroom dance shoe which are usually regular closed-toe pumps, women’s Latin dance shoes are generally lightweight, open toed shoe with sandal straps.

The heel typically ranges from 2 to 3.5 inches, and can be quite thin, but still thicker than a stiletto heel. Many Latin dance shoes are made with a flared heel with a wider base for stability. Women’s Cuban or Spanish heels, typically 2 inches high, are wider and easier to balance on, so make a good choice for beginners.

For beginners, it’s important to start learning in a pairs of heels as soon as you can and preferably straight away, rather than relying on a pair of flat practice shoes. If you learn the steps in a flat shoe, you’ll effectively be learning them all over again when you change to heels.

Latin - bloch yvette
These Bloch Yvette shoes are a good example of an open toed shoe with straps that is common for women’s latin dance shoes. Click on the image above to learn more.

Beginners and amateurs should also consider sticking with a pair of flesh colored shoes so as not to draw attention to the feet while still learning the steps.

The Best Latin Shoes – Must Have Features

Latin Dance Shoes Must Have a Thin Suede or Leather Sole

Men’s and women’s Latin dance shoes need to have a smooth sole lined with leather or suede. This provides the perfect amount of traction needed to move effortlessly across the dance floor without sticking. Full rubber soles are not recommended.

The sole also needs to be thin to allow the foot better sensitivity to the floor.

Leather is typically more slippery and therefore has a faster glide than suede, so is often the choice for advanced dancers and also for dances involving a lot of glide such as the Bolero. Suede soles also require regular upkeep with a suede brush to keep them clean and prevent them from wearing slick.

Leather and suede sole shoes are designed for dance floors made of wood. If you’re dancing outside (e.g. a street dance) on on concrete or asphalt, you might be better off choosing latin dance shoes with synthetic or hardened leather soles.  These will  provide a good balance between slide and durability.

Latin - Sansha Nina
These Sansha Nina Ballroom Shoes have a thin suede sole. Click on the image to learn more.

Latin Dance Shoes Must Be Flexible and Lightweight

Latin dance involves a range of different foot movements and angles, particularly for dances such as the Cha-Cha, so shoe flexibility is very important in both the sole and upper.  If your shoe is too rigid it will prevent your foot from moving properly through the dance.

Your foot movement and steps will also be impeded if your shoe is too heavy, so a good Latin dance shoe should be lightweight but still firmly constructed.

Latin - bloch yvette tan
These Bloch Yvette shoes are flexible and light weight. Click on the image to learn more.

Latin Dance Shoes Must Have a Close and Supportive Fit

While Latin dance shoes should be flexible, they still need a firm and secure fit across the whole foot. Not only does this stop the shoe getting in the way of your dance steps, it also helps to prevent injury to your feet, ankles, knees and hips. This is especially important is dances with a focus on hip movement such as the side samba walk.

For men with hard to fit or wider feet, lace-up shoes are preferable to slip-ons as the shoe is secured across the entire  upper foot.

For women, T-strap and X-strap style straps provide a more secure fit than a standard ankle strap. A closed heel will typically provide more foot stability than a strapped open heel.

Arch support is also important as Latin dancing places pressure on the arch.  Improper support can cause the foot to pronate.  Generally, the higher your heels the more arch support you’ll need.

For both men and women, if your foot slides within your shoe, it is too big. While a Latin dance shoe should have a snug fit, the shoe should not cut into your foot in any way nor should your toes be forced over each other. Ladies should have their toes reach just to the end of their shoe.

Latin - Diamant Men's
These Capezio Men’s Social Dance Shoes have a close and supportive fit. Click on the image to learn more.

Latin Dance Shoes Need Good Cushioning

For both comfort and stability, cushioning is important in a Latin Dance shoe especially for dances with a heavier rhythmic step such as the tango. Shoes made especially for Argentine tango will typically be more cushioned.


The top 5 Latin Dance Shoes

Bloch – Yvette

This Latin dance shoe from Bloch is an excellent choice for both beginner and seasoned Latin dancers. Yvette features an leather upper with a suede lined thin and flexible sole. The 2.5 inch flared heel provides a solid balance, while the strappy heel cage offers the stability of a closed heel with the elegance of a strap. This shoe also features a self-locking buckle and a comfortable brushed lining.

Available in natural tan, gold and black, the Yvette runs in medium width from sizes 5 to 11 with half sizes in between.

Latin - bloch yvette
Click on the image above to check on the Bloch Yvette shoes on Amazon.

Pros – Elegantly designed partially closed heel for style and stability

Cons – Runs smaller than street size and can be hard to fit on wide feet.

Sansha Tina: the discount latin dance shoe

Sansha’s Tina Latin dance shoe is good choice for beginners and intermediate dancers looking for a cheaper shoe without sacrificing quality or deign. Tina features a leather and synthetic upper, with a suede sole and a comfortable lining. It is fitted with a 3 inch slightly flared heel and an easy access buckle.

Available in sparkly black or silver. Sansha recommends dancers order one size up from street shoe size.

Latin - Sansha Tina
Click on the image above to check out the Sansha Tina shoes on Amazon.

Pros – Discount price

Cons – Partially synthetic upper is not as flexible as other shoes

Diamant Men’s Latin Dance Shoe

Handcrafted in Germany, it features a soft sheep’s leather upper and a suede lined sole. The brushed lining provides excellent comfort. With a 1.5 inch heel, this is a perfect Latin shoe for men not quite used to dancing in higher heels and can also be used in place of a standard ballroom shoe.

Available in black in sizes 6 to 13 in a medium width, this shoe does have a narrow fit toe so wider feet might need to order a size up.

Latin - Diamant Men's

Pros – durable, handmade construction

Cons – Narrow fit toe

Capezio – Women’s T-Strap

The Capezio T-Strap dance shoe  provides the perfect blend of elegant form and sophisticated function.

Featuring an all leather upper – or leather and synthetic for the metallic option – they have  a soft suede sole and a shortened support shank which means you get all of the arch support you need without sacrificing sole flexibility. The 2.5 inch flared heel together with the cushioned footbed and uniquely designed vamp and T-Strap makes for a comfortable and stable shoe that also fits like a dream to even the most problematic feet. The cleverly designed speed buckle lets you change shoes quickly.

These Capezios are available in black in sizes 5 to 12 in medium width. Wide width is available on some sizes. This shoe runs to street size.

capezio womens t-strap
Click on the image above to check out the Capezio Women’s T-Strap on Amazon

Pros – Comfort cushioning and excellent support.

Cons – Full leather upper only available in black.

Stephanie – Latin T-Strap

This Latin dance shoe from Stephanie provides all over comfort and support with a stunning design and is a great choice for all dance levels. Featuring a leather and synthetic satin upper with a suede sole, the T-strap design and wide set vamp helps to keep your foot firmly in place while the enclosed heel provides firm support from the back. The footbed is fully cushioned. This shoe is available in a 2.5 inch flared heel in either black or natural tan satin from medium width sizes 5 to 9.5 and also comes with a free carry bag.

stephanie latin t-strap
Click on the image above to check out the Stephanie T Strap on Amazon.

Pros – Secure and stable heel and vamp

Cons – Narrow or wide feet may have difficulty in sizing

Whether you’re a mixed style ballroom dancer or your focus is specifically on Latin dance, choosing the right pair of Latin dance shoes will do wonders for your steps and keep your feet happy and now you know what to look for there’s nothing standing between you and your best Latin dance shoes.


Swing Dance Shoes – how to find the right pair

Whether you’re stepping up to an old school Jitterbug or shaking your tail feathers to modern swing, your swing dance shoes are going to have a huge impact on the way you dance. From Lindy Hop or Western Swing, Boogie-Woogie to Modern Jive, whatever your swing style, before you take another step, let’s take a look at what makes a good pair of shoes for swing dance.

Swing Shoes for Men

Men will typically wear an Oxford style or Balmoral style lace-up shoe when swing dancing. Captoe or wingtip  oxfords are popular choices and good for traditional style swing dancing like the Lindy Hop  as well as more varied dance like the West Coast Swing.

arris allen
These Aris Allen shoes are a great example of classic swing shoes for men.

Swing Shoes for Women

For women’s swing shoes, there are a wider variety of options. Some choice come down to personal preference – some prefer flats and others prefer heels; some prefer lace-ups, others prefer a more strappy shoe.

The look is a big part of the swing experience, especially for competitions, so a lot of women, and men too, choose a shoe that suits the fashions of the era from when their style of swing dance was developed. A woman dancing the St. Louis Shag or the Balboa, for example might choose a 1930s or 1940s style of shoe, while a woman dancing Rock and Roll or the Skip Jive might wear something with a more 1950s or 1960s feel.

These Aris Allen Mesh Oxfords are a great example of women’s swing shoes. Click on the image to check them out.


Other Types of Dance Shoes for Swing

Often women will wear a standard or Latin ballroom shoe with a wide heel for swing dancing, or basic character shoes.

For modern swing, some dancers prefer to wear dance sneakers especially to practice in. As both dance sneakers and men’s swing shoes have a relatively flat sole and only a minimal heel this doesn’t cause too much of an issue with balance or movement. However anyone swing dancing in heels might find an issue switching between dance sneakers and proper swing shoes. Further, dance sneakers have a lot more traction than shoes designed for swing dancing,  so wearing dance sneakers for swing dancing might not be your best choice.

dance sneakers for swing
These Sansha dance sneakers have a suede sole, which is critical for smooth movement on the floor. Click on the image to learn more.

Jazz shoes are another common choice for amateur swing dancers. Jazz shoes might be suitable for some beginners but some styles of jazz shoes, particularly the slippers, do not provide the level of foot support requited in swing dancing. Firmer jazz shoes like jazz sneakers or competition jazz shoes provide better foot support, but if you are choosing to dance swing in jazz sneakers, avoid shoes with built in pivot points and other unique jazz reinforcements.

jazz shoes for swing
These Capezio slip-ons are one of the most popular shoes for Jazz. If you don’t want to invest in shoes specifically for swing and then these are a good choice. Click on the image to learn more.

For professionals and amateurs wanting to step up and get serious about swing dancing, a genuine pair of swing shoes is really the only option.

What Makes a Good Swing Shoe?

While cut and style and even heel height are generally a matter of personal choice for both men and women’s swing shoes, there are a few key characteristics that define good swing shoes.

Swing shoes for kids will feature all of the characteristics of good swing shoes for adults, although the shoe will generally have an all over lighter construction.

Swing Shoes Need A Leather or Suede Sole

As with a lot of dance shoes, swing shoes for both men and women are designed with a smooth sole made of either leather or suede to provides the perfect amount of traction you need to execute your most perfect steps, twists and slides.

Leather or suede is often a personal choice. Suede shoes have a touch more traction than leather, and suede also needs some upkeep to keep them clean and to prevent them from wearing slick. If you’re really serious about your swing dancing, any shoes with rubber bottomed soles should be avoided.

swing - aris allen wingtip bw spats mens

Swing Shoes and Heel Height

Some women and men prefer to do their swing dancing in flat shoes, while others will prefer a heel.

A heel can be beneficial when performing back and forth stepping moves, especially in dances like the Jitterbug as it helps to anchor and guide the balance of the foot.

For swing shoes, heels are generally not higher than 2” and some dancers recommend not going any higher than this particularly for beginners. This goes for both men’s and women’s swing shoes. Some professionals and more advanced dancers do opt for a higher heel.

For dancers who do choose to wear a heel, a wide heel is the best choice for optimal balance and foot placement as well as preventing injuries.

swing - aris allen peeptoe mesh

Swing Shoes Should be Cushioned and Lined

Men’s and women’s swing shoes should have some degree of cushioned lining to protect the feet from the impact of the dance steps. Ideally this should be a supportive foam.

Some swing shoes have rubber built into the soles to increase impact resistance, especially in the heels.

A fabric lining is also important to control moisture resistance as you’re out there swinging up a sweat.

Swing Shoes Need to Be Supportive but Flexible

Swing dancing involve a lot of footwork, placing the feet in a range of angles, and in some dances, the Balboa for example, it’s all quite fast. To protect your feet from injury while you dance, a supportive shoe is important.

Fully enclosed leather uppers like Oxford style shoes have great foot support. Women choosing a more open style shoe should ensure their shoe is fitted with adequate arch and lateral support as well as secure straps or other closures to keep the foot stable within the shoe.

A good swing shoe will have a secure fit, but won’t be overly tight or allow the foot to slide inside the shoe.

At the same time you want your feet held secure, you also need a shoe with enough flexibility to let your foot move through the full range of motions. Shoe with leather uppers provide a good amount of upper foot flexibility, and open top shoes are the most flexible.

A flexible sole is also important. Good swing shoes are often designed with a split sole for maximum movement, and a lot of high heeled swing shoes will also feature a shorter arch support shaft to allow for greater sole flexibility.

The Best Swing Dance Shoes

Aris Allen Heeled Oxfords

These cute heeled ladies Oxfords are just what you need to complete the classic look of the 1930s.

This shoe features an all leather flexible upper that is dotted with mesh openings that not only look great but also provide good breathability. The sole is lined with durable suede that will suit dancers of all skill levels, but while it does feature a wide set heel the 3” height may not suit some beginner swing dancers.

The shoe’s inner features a soft cloth lining and the footbed is fully foamed cushioned for optimal comfort and support.

This is a medium width shoe that runs fairly close to street shoe size, although dancers with wider feet may benefit from ordering a half size up.

Pros – Highly flexibly and breathable upper.

Cons – Heel height may be too high for beginners

Aris Allen Wingtips for Men

Men looking for a great swing dance shoe should consider the wingtip spats from Aris Allen. Made with a super slick leather sole for maximum slide speed,  these shoes are designed for intermediate and professional swing dancers though there’s nothing stopping a dedicated beginner from donning a pair. The speed of this shoe suits faster dances like modern jive or rock and roll so beginners could do well to switch to a shoe with more traction to control slower dance steps.

Entirely handmade using high quality durable materials, these sturdy shoes also feature a foam lined footbed for great comfort and support as well as a rubber insert layer in the heel for added impact resistance.

The short lacing system makes this shoe more suitable for someone with a regular or narrow fit foot as the upper shoe fit cannot be adjusted below the midfoot to the toe. Men with wider feet may be better off with a pair of Aris Allen Captoe swing shoes

arris allen
These Aris Allen Wingtips have an slick, leather sole that’s great for high speed dancing. Click on the image to learn more!

Pros – Super sick leather sole for high speed dancing

Cons – Unsuitable for a wide-foot fit

Tic-Tac-Toes Swing Dance Shoes

These women’s swing shoes from Tic Tac Toes are a stylish addiction to any lady’s swing dancing wardrobe and with their discount price, a pair of good quality swing shoes can also mean cheap swing shoes.

Constructed with a high quality leather upper and durable suede soles, this swing shoe also features a cushioned inner with additional heel support and a flexible split sole. The wide set heel is 1.5” and is uniquely constructed for maximum shock absorption.

Because of the unique upper foot strap and slide buckle, this shoe will fit a range of foot types particularly wider feet, but may be a touch too roomy in the toe for narrow feet.

swing - tic tac toe
Click on the image above to check these shoes out on Amazon!

Pros – Cheap swing shoes

Cons – Potentially unsuitable for narrow feet.

Capezio Footlight Characters

Theses character shoes from Capezio are an excellent choice for swing dancing and can also be used for other dance styles. Featuring an all leather upper with a suede sole, the Footlight is also constructed with a non-slip heel counter making it a great shoe for dances with short stop steps.

Fully cushioned for impact resistance and comfort, the Footlight also features a brushed micropoly lining for comfort and moisture control.

The adjustable ankle strap and wide fit makes this a good choice of swing shoe for anyone with wider feet, and it is also available in medium fit, running in half sizes from 4 to 9.5. Capezio claims this shoe runs to street size, however a lot of people recommend ordering a half to a full size up.

The footlight is available in black or tan.

swing - capezio character
The Footlight Characters shoe has a great non-slip counter heel. Click on the image above to check them out on Amazon.

Pros – non slip counter heel

Cons – Fit runs smaller to street size for many dancers.

Aris Allen Peep-toe Mesh Oxford

Inspired by 1904s fashions, the unique construction of these shoes features a combination leather and synthetic mesh upper which provides an impressive look along with excellent breathability. With a flexible suede sole suitable for all levels of swing dancing prowess, these shoes are also constructed with a durable and supportive foam lining for comfort and stability. While these insoles are irremovable, these shoes can also be fitted with custom insoles.

The tapered heel runs from 2” to 1.5” wide and is 2” high, a perfect match of stability and height to help counter your balance while you dance.

Available in black and white, while these shoes run true to size for most dancers, the upper foot design might lead dancers with a higher instep to choose a half size up.

swing - aris allen peeptoe mesh
These Aris Allen swing dance shoes have a mush upper for greater breathability. Click the image to find out more.

Pros – Mesh upper provides excellent breathability

Cons – Upper shoe design might be hard to fit on dancers with a high instep.

Whatever your swing dance, whatever your foot type, there are a pair of swing shoes out there for your feet, matching flare with functionality. Now we’ve seen what to look for in a good swing shoe and looked at some of the best available on the current market, it’s time to hit the dance floor!


Clogging shoes – We Review the Top 5 in 2020!

If ever there was a unique dance that required a truly unique shoe, it’s clogging. Clogging shoes are, in a lot of ways what makes clogging clogging, so choosing the right pair of clogging shoes is one of the most important steps you’ll take in learning your dance.

In this article we’re looking at what makes a great pair of clogging shoes and then taking a look at the top 5 clogging shoes available in 2020.

What Is a Good Clogging Shoe?

In theory, any shoe with a strong enough sole can be adapted into a clogging shoe with the fixing of taps. However, clogging shoes have special characteristics engineered specifically to suit this style of dance.

Clogging Shoes Have a Double Tap

Unlike single tapped tap shoes, the unique percussion of the clogging dance comes from the double taps on the soles of the shoes. Typically, clogging shoes have two taps on the toe and two on the heel.

Some shoes come with clogging taps already attached, although many are designed to have separately bought taps attached. Taps are either nailed on or glued in place, and your choice of which will depend on the type of tap you’re buying and the type of shoe you’re wanting to fit it to.

There are a number of different types of clogging taps available, each suiting a different dance style as well as dance floor surface.

Buck Taps are hard taps made with a flange, an extra piece of metal to protect the toe during buck steps.

clogging buck taps

Bell Taps are strong but lightweight taps with a rounded toe and produces a crisp metallic sound.  They are easy wearing on studio floors, but are not suitable for dancing on rough surfaces such as concrete.

Liberty Bell taps are light steel round toe taps without holes in the floor plate. Like the Bell Tap, the Liberty tap is easy on the dance floor.

Clogging Shoes Need Sturdy Construction

There is a lot of heavy and often aggressive footwork involved in clogging so your clogging shoes need to be built tough. From the under sole to the upper, clogging shoes need to be built with hard wearing material, preferably with reinforced stitching. Leather uppers are preferable for clogging shoes.

bloch clogging tap-flex
This clogging shoe from Bloch has a leather upper. Notice the taps on the bottom of the forefoot. Click on the picture to check the out on Zappos.

Clogging Shoes Need A Hard Sole

The soles of your clogging shoes are going to take quite the beating and need to be strong enough to face up to the challenge. The sole also needs to be strong enough to anchor your taps, especially if you’re opting for nail on taps. Most modern clogging shoes are made with a heavy duty rubber or leather soles, though some are made from wood.

A split sole is also important as this allows for flexibility in the foot movement, but perhaps more importantly, it facilitates the different striking patterns between the heel and the toe during the dance.

Some clogging shoes are also designed with soundboards built into the sole to help amplify the percussive sounds of the taps.

clogging shoes - dance class kids

Clogging Shoes Need A Heavy Based Heel

A heavy based heel is part of a good split sole clogging shoe. Ideally, the clogging shoe heel should be stacked, meaning they should be built of layers of have duty material. A lot of stacked heel clogging shoes are made of hard rubber, though some incorporate wood and others use reinforced leather. The heel should be low and wide.

clogging shoes - sansha mens

Clogging Shoes Need A Snug Fit

During your dance, your clogging shoe needs to move as an extension of your foot so a close fit is important. This is not only important for the execution of your dance steps, but also the health and safety of your feet. Most formal clogging shoes will be lace up shoes and whichever lacing system your shoe has, it should close the shoe securely across your forefoot.

If your foot slides inside your shoe, your shoe is too big. However, while you do want a close fit, you’re not going to want to cram your foot inside a too small shoe as this can also be serious injury risk. Remember when fitting shoes, leather uppers will stretch where synthetic materials will more or less stay the same size.

clogging shoes - dance class womens white

Clogging Shoes Need Good Impact Resistance

A hard rubber or leather sole will provide some level of impact resistance, but you’re also going to look for a clogging shoe with some extra degree of padding and support. Some clogging shoes are also made with a reinforced toe box for toe stands.

The best clogging shoes are lined with shock absorbing fabric cushioning. Preferably, choose a shoe that also incorporates moisture absorbing material into the shoe’s lining to help keep your feet dry, cool and healthy.

clogging shoes - capezio

Difference Between Men’s and Women’s Clogging Shoes

While clogging taps are the same for men and women, there are a few marginal differences between clogging shoes for men and shoes for women.

Men will typically wear a sturdy Oxford style shoe while women have far more variation in shoe style, and some women also dance in Oxfords.

A man’s clogging shoe may also have a slightly lower heel than a woman’s and also be an all round heavier shoe.

The Top 5 Clogging Shoes Reviewed

Choosing the best clogging shoe for your dance needs does involves a lot of personal preference, matching your dance shoe to your dance style and the unique shape of your foot.

You don’t need to spend a lot of money on good clogging shoes, with numerous discount options available. Used clogging shoes are also a good choice for a lot of clogging dancers. Just knowing what to looking for is an important step in choosing the right pair of clogging shoes for your preferences.

Now we’ve covered the basics of good clogging shoes , let’s look at some great examples of Clogging shoes available right now.

Lace up tap shoes from Theatrical

These high quality men’s tap shoes from Theatrical can be easily adapted to fit your clogging taps.  They’re not only a sharp looking clogging shoe, it’s also built with the sturdiest material, an all leather upper and a compacted hard layer  sole with a heavy duty heel.

This is a hand stitched shoe and is available in black have are true to size.

adult lace up tap shoes
Click on the image to check these great clogging shoes out on Amazon

Pros – Durable leather construction and true to size.

Cons – More of a tap shoe than a clogging shoe, but can be used for clogging.

Dance Class Women’s Split Sole Oxford

This Oxford style women’s clogging shoe from Dance Class features a synthetic upper with reinforced stitching, and a sturdy yet flexible rubber split sole with a 0.75” stacked heel.

This clogging shoe is also lined with a soft fabric interior to provide additional cushioning as well as moisture control. The padded collar and tongue also ensure a secure fit.

Available in black. This clogging shoe does not come with built in taps.

clogging shoes - dance class womens
These split sole oxford clogging shoes are a great choice.  Click on the image to check them out!

Pros – cushioned lining

Cons – Synthetic Upper may be prone to cracking after wear.

Dance Class Little Kid Big Kid

For clogging shoes for kids, you can’t look past these Little Kid Big Kid clogging shoes from Dance Class. With an all leather upper and a combined leather and rubber sole, and durable stacked heel, these kids’ clogging shoes are built to last. They are also fitted with a tough toe box.

Dance Class has fitted these clogging shoes with a moisture absorbent terry cloth lining as well as a cushioned insole for maximum impact resistance.

Little Kid Big Kids are available for both little and big kids with children’s sizes from toddler and up, and a medium width.

clogging shoes - dance class kids
These Dance Class clogging shoes are one of the top choices for kids. Click on the image above to check them out!

Pros – high quality leather uppers. Built in toe box.

Cons – Taps need to be bought separately

Dance Class Women’s Full Sole Oxford

If you’re looking for a cheap pair of clogging shoes, these women’s full soled Oxfords are a worthy consideration. They are made with a durable synthetic upper and hardwearing rubber sole with stacked heel. These shoes are also fully lined to provide optimal comfort.

Available in white, the elongated cut of the shoe is perfect for elegant toe pointing execution.

clogging shoes - dance class womens white
These Dance Class women’s oxfords are inexpensive and a great choice for someone on a budget. Click on the image to check them out.

Pros – Innexpensive

Cons – Synthetic upper not as durable or comfortable as leather shoes

Capezio Xtreme

Capezio is one of the leading manufacturers of dance shoes, and this Women’s Xtreme Tap shoe firmly lives up to the brand’s reputation.

Featuring an all leather upper with a durable synthetic sole and hard wearing stacked heel, these Xtreme tap shoes will treat your feet right step after step.

They are lined with a soft polyester cotton moisture controlling fabric that is also treated with anti-microbial agents to ensure your feet stay dry and healthy. They also come with a cushioned insole constructed from durable pigskin and moisture absorbing foam.

These shoes are fitted with Teletone toe and heel taps, though can be easily refitted with your choice of clogging taps. The taps are mounted on a spring steel soundboard for extra percussive resonation, and an additional steel plate between the insole ad the outsole provides that extra bit of security to keep your taps where they should be,

Capezio Xtreme Tap shoes are available in Black, Caramel and Tan. Available in both men’s and women’s sizes that run true to street shoe sizes.

clogging shoes - capezio

Pros – In built soundboard. Moisture controlling anti-microbial lining.

Cons –  Soft toe doesn’t allow for toe stands.

From kids clogging shoes to clogging shoes for men and women’s clogging shoes, the choices are easy when you know what to look for.  Whatever clogging style you’re setting your feet to, there’s a pair of clogging shoes out there to suit your rhythms.


Salsa Shoes: Your Must Read Guide Before You Buy

Whether it’s for casual dancing or you’re headed to the competitions, the perfect salsa dance needs the perfect salsa shoes, and in this article we’re going to take you through everything you need to know about salsa shoes before you start looking for that perfect pair.

What makes a good pair of Salsa Shoes?

As salsa is a type of Latin ballroom dance, salsa shoes have a lot in common with other ballroom dance shoes, although shoes for salsa do have some key characteristics to look out for.

Salsa Shoes Need a Leather or Suede Sole

Like ballroom dance shoes, salsa shoes should have a sole made of either leather or suede to enable you to step and spin with ease.

For beginners, the slipperiness of a leather sole can take a bit of getting used to. Some early dancers wear slightly scored leather soles to provide a small amount of traction while they’re learning.

You don’t want too much traction though. Shoes with too much grip can cause the feet to stick to the floor which risks serious injury if your feet stay in one place while the rest of your body follows through with the motion.

Which is better – leather or suede? Both provide excellent surface traction for dancing although suede soles do require some upkeep as they tend to collect grime and also wear slick after a bit of use. Cleaning your suede soles with a specially designed suede sole brush will help keep your suede soles in pristine condition.

These Roymall Latin Dance Shoes have a suede sole. Check them out on Amazon by clicking on the image.

Salsa Shoes Need to Provide Flexibility and Support

A good pair of salsa shoes needs to provide enough flexibility to allow your feet to move naturally with the step, but at the same time the shoe needs to support your heel and arch and keep your foot firm and stable and prevent injury.

Salsa shoes don’t require the same degree of flexibility as some other dancing shoes but you will want a pair with some give.

Leather or firm synthetic shoes provide better all over foot support than shoes made of canvas or other cloth.

These DanceNWear shoes have a spit sole for increased flexibility. Click on the image to check them out.

Salsa Shoes Need Inner Cushioning

Salsa shoes are generally more padded than other types of dancing shoes. Good cushioning not only protects your feet from injury, but also provides shock absorption to protect your ankles, knees and hips while you dance.

The best salsa shoe will provide cushioning throughout the entire shoe inner and not just across the footbed area.

salsa - capezio ashley
These Capezio Ashley Sandals have bult in cushioning. Click on the image to learn more.

Salsa Shoes Need a Moderate and Wide Heel

While salsa dancing,  your weight moves around the foot – from ball of the foot to the heel and back again. A raised heel makes this movement easier, helping to correct your weight placement and smoothly alter your posture.

For men and women, a 1” to 2” heel is ideal.

For men’s salsa shoes, some dancers prefer to wear a wedge style heel. This provides elevation of the sole while still retaining the full foot contact with the floor to better judge your step. Other men will happily wear a Cuban heel or standard style of ballroom dance shoe with no problems.

To allow for comfortable and firm weight placement, the heels on women’s salsa shoes should be wider than a standard ballroom shoe, so look for a wide heel or a flared heel.

salsa - sansha nina nude
The Sansha Nina Ballroom shoe have a wider heel that is ideal for salsa. Click on the image to learn more.

Salsa Shoes Need an All-Over Secure Fit

A well-fitting salsa shoe is imperative for performing your best dance as well as providing the stability and comfort you need for foot health and safety.

With so much back and forth movement, a salsa shoe needs a snug fit all over the foot, and especially in the heel. For this reason, many salsa dancers prefer a closed heel rather than a sling back strap.

Shoes with buckles or laces are preferable to slip on shoes for both men and women’s salsa shoes.

salsa - so danca practice
These DanceNWear ballroom shoes have a buckle that provides a secure and safe fit. Click on the image to learn more!

What Are The Best Salsa Shoes?

Some salsa dancers recommend training in a pair of dance sneakers or jazz shoes, before moving onto salsa shoes while you’re still learning. However, other recommend putting on a pair of genuine salsa shoes from the beginning. When you’re learning your steps, you’re learning how to move and balance. Changing from one set of shoes to another forces your feet into a different balance which can impede your learning. So, getting into a good pair of salsa shoes from the beginning is your best way to start your dancing out on the right foot.

You don’t need to spend a lot of money to get a good pair of salsa shoes and there are a lot of options available for buying cheap salsa shoes.

In this section, we’re reviewing the best shoes for salsa dancing available in 2013, looking at all of the features that makes a good salsa shoe as well as shoes that offer excellent value for money.

Carpezio Katusha

These salsa shoes from Capezio will suit beginners and pros alike.  The Katusha features a flexible sole and suede outsole. The heel is wide and centered to provide maximum stability and the inner is fully cushioned, providing excellent comfort and shock absorption to protect the feet.

These shoes ensure a perfect fit with an adjustable ankle strap and T-bar, and the buckle is also self-locking so you can get in and out of them quickly.

Katusha are the perfect balance between sophisticated elegance and value for money. They are available in several colors are come in a medium width.

Check out the Carpezio Katusha Salsa Shoes by clicking on the image above!

Pros – Self-locking buckle very useful for quick costume changes.

Cons – Rhinestones might not be suitable for some professional competitions.

Capezio Ashley

Capezio’s Ashley are excellent shoes, engineered to the unique movements of the salsa dance. Ashley follows the natural flexibility of the moving foot while the multiple interwoven straps, T-bar and adjustable ankle strap provide a secure and comfortable fit. Ashley also has a leather sole for perfect traction.

The lining of this salsa shoe is particularly impressive, with a unique dual layer memory foam construction allowing articulated cushioning around the entire foot that adheres perfectly to your foot every time you put your shoes on. There is also a slightly thicker cushion point under the heel for extra support.

The lining is also made of moisture absorbent, anti-fungal material to ensure maximum breathability, comfort and foot health.

Ashley features a 2 inch flared heel and is available in cinnamon tan, in either medium or wide width.

salsa - capezio ashley
Click on the image above to learn more about the Capezio Ashley.

Pros – Excellent cushioned, memory foam lining with unique moisture controlling properties

Cons – The added padding on the heel may alter the comfort of the fit for some dancers.

Stephanie Men’s Professional Standard

These men’s salsa shoes from Stephanie are an excellent option for any man wanting a professional standard of dance shoes at a value for money price.

With soft black leather uppers, these shoes feature a flexible split leather sole for maximum maneuverability. They also feature a unique five hole lace deign to ensure a perfect fit across the top of the foot, as well as a padded insole for comfortable cushioning. The sides are also perforated to allow for breathability and moisture control.

The 1” heel gives enough leverage to support the full range of salsa movements without being too high to impede sensitivity to the floor while dancing.

sasla - mens stephanie
Click on the image above to learn more about these men’s Stephanie salsa shoes!

Pros – perforated leather sides

Cons – soft leather upper can mark and wear easily

Sansha Nina

Nina is an elegant salsa shoe from Sansha, perfectly matching performance with a discount price. Nina features a suede sole with a flexible footbed. The Nina is fully lined and the delicate satin finished straps, with an x-strap ankle provide a comfortable and secure fit. The heel is 3” which makes these salsa shoes a touch higher than standard salsa shoes, but more experienced dancers should accommodate easily.

The Nina is available in tan or black. These shoes do run very narrow so consider ordering a size up from your street shoe size.

salsa - sansha nina nude
Click on the image above to learn more about the Sansha Nina Salsa Shoe

Pros – discount salsa shoes

Cons – Tight, narrow fit. Heel may be a touch high for beginner salsa dancers.

DanceNwear Closed Toe Ballroom Salsa Shoe

This salsa shoe from DanceNwear  is a perfect option for beginner dancers or those looking for a pair of authentic but cheap salsa shoes to practice in.

This enclosed shoe, with a suede sole and synthetic upper, provides excellent stability and support. The covered toe is also a good choice for anyone teaching a beginner to dance and wanting that extra protection on their toes.

The buckle strap provides excellent fit, adjustable to just about any foot shape and the lining ensures a comfortable and cushioned support.

Available in black or tan, DanceNwear offers this salsa shoe in a good range of sizes from 4.5 to 10. For most feet, this comfortable salsa shoe will run true to street size.

salsa - so danca practice
Click on the image above to learn more about the DanceNwear Closed Toe Ballroom Shoe

Pros – Cheap option for a good pair of practice shoes

Cons – Synthetic uppers might not offer the durability of a leather shoe and are not as breathable.

Whatever style of salsa you’re dancing, there are a pair of salsa shoes out there to give your feet the security and comfort and maneuverability you need. With our must read guide, now there’s nothing standing in the way of you finding your perfect salsa shoes and dancing your way to exciting new heights.